Cabo De Palos



This is a small fishing port at the beginning of La Manga. It is a beautiful location for sitting on the waterfront, enjoying the sun and tapas, as well as watching the boats come and go. As mentioned, it is known for its diving schools as well as for its wide variety of fish restaurants, either overlooking the port or on the beach.

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La Manga Del Mar Menor, or Little Sea, is a unique area running the entire left side of the strip. The huge saltwater lake is the largest in Europe, separated from the Mediterranean by glorious white beaches on La Manga Del Mar Menor and the vibrant resort of La Manga Del Mar Menor. As well as its natural importance, Mar Menor’s waters are known for their healing properties, and it is still a place of recreation and relaxation in La Manga Del Mar Menor.


Steve and Tim would like to introduce you to the lifestyle and activities available in and around La Manga.

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