Experience and knowledge come with time and from a wide variety of sources.

With 25 years´ presence in the market La Manga Vacations has built up a comprehensive range of capabilities and knowledge, which we can use to assist those new to the area. We also have a strong, reliable network of partners, on whom to call for a wide variety of requirements.

Hence we can advise, guide and assist with a wide range of issues you will have when buying a property, renting out a property or complying with Spanish bureaucracy and regulations (which can be daunting to us all!). The fact that the team can speak Spanish is a valuble asset when guiding you through these processes.

To give you more detail of what we can offer, please see the following list:

  • recommendations on the best locations to buy properties, at reasonable prices and based on your specific needs
  • advice on presenting a property for sale and where to advertise it
  • suggestions about where to advertise rental properties, what prices to apply, and how to word the famous “blurb” (in Spanish too)
  • advice on target markets
  • recommendations for key-holding
  • where to buy items for the property
  • how to arrange cleaning and laundry services
  • which reliable tradesmen to use
  • a reliable insurance provider
  • suggesting legal taxi and car hire companies
  • assistance with emergencies and doctors´appointments
  • assistance with all kinds of legal requirements such as tourist rental licence, NIE application, driving licence change-over, visits to police and notary, plus many other procedures
  • Private tutoring in Spanish, tailored to your experience and abilities

Please consult us to find out what we can do for you. We will be pleased to guide you.